The Interactive Poule Sheet

The use of Microsoft Excel in fencing isn’t anything new, Excel spreadsheets have been used the world over to run competitions. While they’re still used today even though purpose built fencing programmes such as Enguarde and Fencing Time have been released. In January Microsoft released a version of Excel to the Google Play Store, all be it a beta version for tablets. That got me thinking, would it be possible to create a portable poule sheet fit for the 21st century? Of course there are drawbacks, firstly you’re going to need a tablet to get it to work and because of that you’ll have to factor in cost, human error, glitches and battery life. But the advantages are a highly portable device (depending on which tablet you go for) that can work out indicators in a matter of seconds. You can also do this on an Apple device as there’s a version of Excel in the App Store.


To create it I downloaded the Excel app on my tablet and set about producing an Excel sheet on the Computer. There I set about producing a table that replicates a traditional poule sheet. I made a table of eight with spaces for the fencer’s names and clubs on the left hand side and listed Victories, Points Scored & Received, Indicators and a space for the final Position on the other. I then set about experimenting with formulas to produce the figures I was looking for. With a little bit of help I came up with the formula “=+SUM(D2:K2)” to figure out how much the fencer on the top row would have scored and “=+SUM(D2:D9)” to figure out how much he would have conceded. Working out the indicator was just a matter of taking the points received away from those scored with the formula “=M2-N2”. I then made sure every other part of the table was applicable. I found counting victories to be the hardest part although having looked online I found a way to make sure it only counted 5 with the formula “=COUNTIF(D2:K2,”5″)”. I haven’t figured out a way to work out the final positions so I’m leaving it to the user. Alternatively you could be lazy and download the Excel file I’ve attached below.


And there we have it a fully interactive poule sheet ready for your club and competition needs: Interactive Poule Sheet


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